Poseidon   "God of the Sea"

In Ancient Greece, Poseidon was the "God of the Sea" depicted as an older male with curly hair and beard. It is believed that seafaring Early Greeks who sailed the new world made this graven stone image to worshyip Poseidon for safety at sea.

This carving found in the the Southwest is 16"H and 8"W, carved out of black lava.  Ancient wall frescos and pottery chards depicting Greek and Phoenician mariners have also been found.  This ia a Signed piece. $15,000

Ancient Greek Bronze Helmet


As great warriors, the early Greeks lead by Zeus, fought wars with with the Titans, the Giants, and Typho.  They ultimately won control of the world,  and hurled the Titans  into the Underworld.

This particular piece, when first acquired, looked to be just a mangled piece of stone.  On closer examination, the form of a helmet appeared.  Now embellished in gold, it  can only be described as an Olympian helmet (see example right) from the Titan wars. Why it was found in an Arizona riverbed  is only further evidence that the Minoan world and the Americas were somehow connected in Ancient days.

Signed piece.  $5000

Ancient Greek Warriors

Mionoan Bull Worship

The Gods

The first Greek Civilization was the Minoan Empire on the Island of Crete which thrived about 5000 years ago in the mediterranean   According to Homer, these people were great warriors and sailors. The kingdom had 90 cities, the main city being Knossos on the Island of Crete and was governed by King Minos with his father, the God Zeus.

Religion was central to the Minoan culture, and centered around Bull Worship.  This sculpture was found on private property in a Southwest desert flood plain surrounded by bricks from what appear to be temple walls (See Ancient Bricks & Frescos).  It si believed that in the days before the great flood, the continents were in different locationsand that these civilizations journeyed to the Americas where they sculpted images of their Gods during their travels.  Signed Piece. $12,000