Spatuala  4" x 6"    L.F. 11/100​   

Chisel  4" x 3"    L.F. 6/100​   

Anasazi Hand Scraper   7' x  4"

L.F. 11/100   

THE ANASAZI   "Ancient Ones"

Anasazi have their origins as  "archaic" peoples who practiced a wandering, hunting, and food-gathering life-style from about 6000 B.C.   Anasazi developed into the distinctive in the last millennium B.C. and settled in the Southwest  Four Corners of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona.  From about 200 to 1300 AD they thrived, leaving a heavy accumulation of tools, poetry and dwelling ruins.  The following is from the the Private Collection of 100 Ancient Anasazi hand tools and weapons found by L.R. Fletcher. Each piece is signed /numbered and is available for purchase with Certificate of Authenticity.

Small Chisel/Scraper    1.5" x 5'

                 L.F. 5/100​    

Anasazi Stone Axe  12" x 6" / Leather 

L.F. 1/100