​     ​​​​​As a kid of about 8 years old, I had a dream that I was walking with my bother through field of Dinosaur bones...a Dinosaur graveyard.  When I awoke, I had the distict feeling that I was destine to explore the Southwest looking for the missing links to life on earth.

        By profession I chose a career working with stone and bricks as a cement finisher.  Knowing the differenced between man made and petrified material, by 38 I began to unearth stone formations that were petrified dinosaur bones and eggs in the Southwest deserts of Arizona & Utah.  This was followed by the discovery of crude ancient tools and weapons which appear to be stone age.

        More recently, I have identified artifacts on private property that appear to be fragments of ancient civilizations like temple walls, bricks and carved heads and feet from statues that resemble Egyptian, Incan, and Greco Roman sculpture.  It appears that several of these cultures traveled through what is now flood plain regions of the Southwest.  This is still a work in progress.
       Many of these Artifacts are shown on this webs tire, however the location of this private property remain strictly confidential.

The Breakfast of Champions probably dates back to Stone Age Spoons like mine.   - Fletch - 


Fletch is modern day Indiana Jones. His passion is to  unearth the mysteries of life on earth, including the Aliens link to the Ancients, and the roots of Civilization which lie buried in the rock piles of time.